Privacy Notice


Hope Academy of Montessori, Inc / Marconi Montessori School aims to protect your privacy online the way we protect your family in person, with utmost care and caution.
To improve the Website experience and to provide you an added level of Administrative support we require a login and profile.

We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose any personal information collected by our site to third parties.

The Website stores the passwords using an one-way encryption algorithm. The password stored in the database is 128-bit encrypted and they cannot be decrypted to retrieve the original password.
Hope Academy of Montessory, Inc / Marconi Montessori School or the Website hosting service does not know the actual passwords for any members.

During "Login" if "Remember Me" is checked by the member authorizing the Website, a cookie will be stored on the browser.
These cookies are not shared by any other applications and are not used for any tracking beyond the use of our Website.